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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

In Alex Marick's hospital room, Alex was curious what her twin was hoping to hear. Alex wondered if Anna wanted Alex to reveal that Anna had never been a double agent, because Alex couldn't do that. Anna had been guilty of all the lying and backstabbing. Alex asked what Finn had heard about Anna' past, but Finn refused to take the bait. He gazed lovingly at Anna as he answered that Anna had told him as much as Anna had felt comfortable sharing. Anna smiled softly.

"Oh, not much then," Alex replied. She warned Finn that Anna was not the "bastion of righteousness" that Anna would have him believe, but Anna had had enough of the insults and deflection. Anna demanded that Alex stop changing the subject and hold up her end of the bargain. Annoyed, Alex accused her sister of enjoying Alex's dilemma, but Anna tearfully admitted that she didn't trust Alex. Anna demanded the truth. "Are you sure?" Alex asked before quietly adding, "Boris Mikhailov."

Anna's expression turned to shock as she recognized the name. Finn asked who Boris was, so Anna revealed that Boris had been a scientist and a defector. Anna explained that she hadn't recruited Boris, but she had been assigned to take Boris to a meeting place in Berlin, Germany. Anna's eyes filled with tears as she recalled arriving at the checkpoint and realizing that it had been an ambush. Alex continued the tale as she shared details about the day that only someone who had been there would know, like Boris having to leave his cat "Kroshka" behind. Alex tearfully recalled that Boris had been a courageous man who had wanted to do good in the world.

Overwhelmed with emotion, Anna reached for a chair then sat down as Alex confessed that she'd been haunted by the memory, but it had helped knowing that Anna had shared the pain. However, Alex clarified that it had been her memory, which Anna should have known, since Anna had never frozen or indulged in a split second of panic the way that Alex had on that fateful day. Anna wiped away her tears then wondered why she didn't feel better. Anna was relieved that it hadn't been her memory, but she still carried the shame of the event because the details of Boris' tragic death had remained vivid in Anna's mind. Knowing that it had been Alex's memory didn't make it any less real for Anna. "I know," Alex quietly concurred.

At the nurses' station, Julian bumped into Alexis. Alexis was disappointed to hear that Oscar and his family had received devastating news. Julian added that he'd been forced to leave Kim's side because Ava had been in a bad place, too. Alexis imagined that Ava had a lot to unpack, having been engaged to a serial killer. Julian shared with Alexis that Ava had gotten drunk then had turned up on Sonny and Carly's doorstep. Alexis warned that Sonny might use the incident against Ava in court, but she added that Ava hadn't deserved the horrible things that Ryan had done.

Julian was furious. Ava had given her heart to a man who hadn't existed. He couldn't imagine being deceived like that. "I can," Alexis confessed. Julian was offended, but Alexis clarified that she had been referring to her therapy session with Ryan. Julian felt bad for jumping to the wrong conclusion. He asked if Ryan had hurt her, but she conceded that it hadn't been anything compared to what Ava had endured. Julian confided that a part of him hoped that Ryan had survived, prompting Alexis to ask if Julian intended to kill Ryan.

Alexis urged Julian to keep his impulses at bay because he was in a good place and shouldn't risk jeopardizing it. Julian appreciated Alexis' concern. Alexis acknowledged that she and Julian would always share a connection. Julian agreed, and he was glad that they could count on having each other's back. Alexis had a sudden flashback of the scorching kiss that she had shared with Julian in her steamy dream. "Of course," she quietly replied.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Jason closed the door to an examination room then hugged Sam. After Sam pulled away from the embrace, she explained that the situation with Shiloh had gotten a lot worse. She told Jason about Kristina's argument with Valerie at Charlie's Pub when Kristina had cut Valerie out of her life for questioning Dawn of Day. Jason was curious if Sam had talked to Kristina about the argument, so Sam admitted that she'd gone straight to Shiloh. Jason filled Sam in about the argument he'd witnessed between Molly and Kristina when Molly had confronted Kristina about DOD.

Jason feared that Shiloh's mind games were working. Sam agreed because Shiloh had managed to turn things around on Sam when she had expressed concerns about Kristina. Sam worried about the charismatic leader's influence on her sister if he'd been able to convince Kristina to consider cutting ties with her family. Jason suggested that perhaps it was time to take Kristina out of the situation, but Sam feared that it would only make things worse if they whisked Kristina to Sonny's private island because Kristina would only dig her heels in deeper. Sam insisted that Kristina needed to figure things out on her own.

Jason argued that DOD wouldn't survive without Shiloh, but Sam warned Jason that killing Shiloh wasn't the answer because Kristina would figure things out. Jason reminded Sam that time was not on their side because Sonny would return soon. Jason doubted that he'd be able to control Sonny once Sonny learned about Kristina's situation. Sam assured Jason that she would make progress before Sonny returned, but Jason wondered what she had in mind. Sam explained that she needed to get in as deep as Kristina was, which meant that Sam had to join the cult.

At the Floating Rib, Michael sat in a booth as he read an article on the Invader website about a Dawn of Day rally that had filled Rice Plaza. Nearby, Chase greeted Willow with an affectionate kiss. Chase was grateful that she was on spring break, so she admitted that she had hoped to spend more time with him during her short vacation. Willow was surprised when Chase suggested that they take a little trip. He led her to a table as he told her about a family vacation home in Nantucket that he was eager to show her. Chase was delighted when Willow accepted the invitation.

Willow decided to celebrate by treating Chase to the first round of drinks. After she stepped away from the table, Michael approached Chase to ask him about DOD. Chase admitted that he'd only heard good things about the organization. Michael explained that Kristina had gotten involved with the group, and she had recently moved into the DOD house. Michael conceded that, on the surface, things appeared to be a good fit because Kristina had been doing community service work, but his sister turned defensive and even hostile if anyone questioned DOD or their leader, Shiloh.

Willow, who had returned to the table with two drinks, froze in her tracks and dropped the glasses when she heard Shiloh's name. Chase and Michael were immediately concerned and asked if Willow was okay. As the bartender cleaned up the broken glass, Chase and Michael ushered Willow to a nearby table. Willow managed to recover from her shock without arousing suspicion. She apologized for dropping the drinks, claiming that she had tripped, but she turned the conversation back to DOD by asking if everything was okay with Michael. Michael admitted that he was worried about his sister's involvement with DOD.

Chase offered to look into it for Michael. Michael was grateful because he worried that DOD might be a pyramid scheme. "Or something much worse," Willow finished for him. Chase was curious what Willow knew about DOD or Shiloh, so Willow revealed that she'd been aware that DOD had been a big deal in Beechers Corners and that they were a tight-knit group. Michael confided that Kristina was ready to cut off family and friends who questioned DOD. Chase and Michael were surprised by Willow's passion as she insisted that Michael get Kristina out of the DOD house and do everything in his power to make certain that Kristina was okay.

After Michael left, Chase admitted that he had noticed Willow's strong reaction to Michael's concerns about DOD. Willow pointed out that the situation that Michael had described had seemed dangerous. Just then, Finn entered the bar and approached his brother's table. After Finn greeted both Chase and Willow, Willow invited Finn to join them, but Finn insisted that he had simply stopped to say hello. Willow decided to give the brothers some privacy by claiming that she needed to check her email to clear her calendar for the weekend. Chase smiled as he assured her that he would check flights.

After Willow stepped way, Chase revealed that he had invited Willow to the house in Nantucket. Chase apologized then acknowledged that it had been the house that Finn and Chase's father had bought with Finn's mother right before her passing. Finn assured Chase that it was fine and that he was pleased that the house was being used. Finn noticed that Chase and Willow appeared to have gotten closer. He was happy that Chase had found someone.

Nearby, Willow's expression was filled with horror as she read the Invader article about Shiloh's recent rally. She quickly called her landlord and explained that she needed to break her lease.

At the Dawn of Day house, Kristina updated Shiloh on her plans for the beautification project that he had assigned her. Shiloh was impressed and praised Kristina's efforts. She smiled with pride as she assured him that she was happy to help the community and to spread awareness of their family. Kristina added that she was ready to take the next step. Shiloh expressed his pleasure at her progress then confirmed that she was indeed ready to join the "Trust." According to Shiloh, the Trust was DOD's core group -- "the decision-makers" of the family.

Kristina was confused because she'd been under the impression that DOD had discussed everything openly with all members. She had no idea that a separate group had called the shots, but Shiloh rushed to assure Kristina that her initial impression had been correct. He explained that the Trust was comprised of a select few who were trusted and the heart of the organization. Shiloh clarified that the Trust didn't make the decisions, but they did help to influence members. He revealed that the Trust was kept secret in part because they didn't want members to jump to the wrong conclusion as Kristina had.

Shiloh admitted that the Trust wanted to avoid eliciting negative thoughts like jealousy because it would be counterproductive for everyone else. Kristina was curious which members were part of the Trust, but Shiloh explained that he couldn't divulge that until she had joined their ranks. Kristina was flattered that Shiloh believed that she was ready to be a part of the elite circle. "I do," he assured her, but he cautioned her that there would be a price to pay. Shiloh explained that in order to join the Trust, Kristina would have to share a secret that no other person knew, and that had the capacity to destroy her life if it were to be revealed. In exchange, Shiloh promised that Kristina would gain access to each Trust member's secrets.

Shiloh assured Kristina that there wouldn't be any judgment if she wasn't ready, but Kristina was confident that she was. Pleased, Shiloh pulled out a small recorder as he explained that she would have to share the secret entirely in her own words. He would then share the recording with the Trust. Kristina joined Shiloh on the sofa then opened up about her relationship with Parker and how she had manipulated Parker's attraction for her, but Shiloh reached over and turned off the recorder. He reminded Kristina that she had spoken to several members about her relationship with Parker then reiterated that the Trust required a devastating secret that no one else was privy to.

Moments later, Michael knocked on the door and called out to Kristina before entering. Kristina was surprised to see her brother, so Michael admitted that he had hoped to talk to Kristina because things had gotten a "little weird" at Charlie's Pub. Kristina blamed it on Molly, claiming that her sister had been completely out of line. Michael tried to lighten the mood by joking that it was usually Kristina who was out of line. Kristina smiled, prompting Michael to suggest that they take a walk. Kristina glanced at Shiloh then made it clear that she had nothing to hide from Shiloh.

Shiloh urged Kristina to take a walk with her brother to straighten things out. Kristina followed Michael out the front door, but she stopped on the stoop. "This is far enough," she informed Michael. Inside, Shiloh sat by an open window to eavesdrop on the siblings' private conversation.

Michael explained that he was concerned about Kristina because she had misled him about the money that she had borrowed. Kristina resented having to explain how she had spent the money, but Michael assured her that he was more concerned about Kristina than the money. He pointed out that she had moved into the DOD house and immersed herself in her new friends. Kristina argued that they were helping the community, not selling crack. Michael insisted that Kristina sounded different lately, but she attributed that to becoming her own person. Michael disagreed because Kristina used other people's words rather than her own.

Kristina was stunned when Michael revealed that he'd been asking around and that Willow had told him that he was right to be concerned. Kristina had no idea who Willow was, prompting Michael to remind her of the woman that Kristina had met on New Year's Eve. Kristina recalled the school teacher, but she didn't appreciate Willow judging DOD. Michael warned Kristina that a lot of people had concerns about the organization, but Kristina made it clear that she needed Michael's support. Michael wondered if Kristina planned to cut him out of her life the way that she had others.

Kristina pointed out that Michael was the one trying to control her, not DOD. She reminded him that DOD was her home. "We are family," Michael countered. He promised that he would always be there for Kristina then hugged her tightly. Inside, Shiloh had tensed when he had heard Willow's name. After Michael left, Kristina entered the house. Shiloh praised her for standing her ground. Kristina smiled. "Who cares what Willow thinks," Kristina added.

At Sonny and Carly's place, Carly joined her guests in the living room. She apologized for keeping Olivia and Lulu waiting while she had put Avery down for a nap. Olivia grinned with delight when Carly admitted that Avery had had a blast baking with Olivia during her visit at the Quartermaine mansion. Olivia confessed that she had loved having all the kids from their extended family running around, but the conversation turned serious when Olivia questioned where Sonny was. Lulu and Olivia suspected that Sonny had gone in search of Dante. Carly assured both ladies that no one had tried to keep them out of the loop, but Carly hadn't heard from Sonny since his departure.

Olivia worried about all the ways that things could have gone wrong, but she stopped when Carly snapped at her. Carly apologized then explained that she was exhausted because it had been a difficult few weeks, and she hadn't had a cup of coffee in days. Olivia was surprised because Carly loved her coffee. She recalled the last time that Carly had stopped drinking coffee -- it had been when Carly had found out that she'd been pregnant with Josslyn. Olivia's eyes suddenly rounded with surprise as she asked if Carly was pregnant. Lulu dismissed the possibility until she noticed Carly's expression.

Olivia and Lulu joyfully congratulated Carly. Carly thanked them, but she added that she and Sonny weren't ready to share the news with everyone because it was a "super high-risk" pregnancy. However, Carly hoped that it would serve as an incentive for Sonny to get to Dante and return home safely. Carly wished that she could reach Sonny, so Lulu suggested that they call Laura to ask for Robert's number. Carly and Lulu were surprised when Olivia shared that it wasn't necessary; Olivia and Robert occasionally exchanged text messages.

Later, Carly admitted that she had stopped taking the pill and that her pregnancy had been a surprise. Olivia welcomed Carly to the club because both Dante and Leo had been surprises, but everything had worked out better than Olivia could have imagined. Olivia noticed that Carly remained concerned, so she assured Carly that Sonny would bring Dante home and that everything would work out better than they could imagine.

In Ankara, Turkey, Dev stepped out from behind a Dumpster as Robert approached. Dev introduced himself then explained that he'd gotten Robert's number from Sonny. Robert was surprised when Dev added that Sonny had entered Raj's compound the previous evening and hadn't been seen since. Dev was eager to help Sonny, but Robert advised the teen to stay put because Robert's men would take care of things. Robert excused himself when his phone rang. It was Olivia.

Robert was delighted to hear from Olivia until he recalled that she was Dante's mother. He quickly wrapped up the call before she could bombard him with questions. Robert was not pleased when he noticed that Dev had vanished.

In the bowels of Raj's compound, a guard heard a shot ring out. He ran to Sonny's cell then turned to Dante for an explanation. Dante revealed that he'd been forced to shoot. The guard entered the cell to check Sonny's body for a pulse. Sonny and Dante made quick work of neutralizing the guard.

In Raj's office, Raj was in a foul mood as he poured himself a drink. He saw Dante pass his door and called out. Dante entered the room with a guard following close behind him, but Raj didn't recognize Sonny as he asked Dante about the noise that Raj had heard. Dante calmly explained that he'd been forced to kill his father. Raj imagined that it couldn't have been easy, but he commended Dante for doing the right thing. Dante and Sonny were about to leave when one of Raj's guards dragged Dev into the office. The guard revealed that the teen had been lurking around the compound for a couple of days and had pickpocketed the guard's wallet.

Raj was livid that the guard had bothered him with the problem and instructed the guard to cut Dev loose. The guard worried that Dev might be a spy, prompting Raj to order the guard to kill Dev. Meanwhile, Sonny whispered to Dante that they needed to help Dev because Sonny knew the kid. Seconds later, the guard holding Dev was shot dead. Stunned, Raj turned and saw Dante and Sonny pointing their guns at him.

Gunfire erupted as the guards sprang into action. Raj seized the opportunity to slip out a back door, but Dante quickly followed. Dante caught up to Raj then ordered Raj to drop his gun. Raj moved to shoot Dante, but Dante pulled the trigger first. Moments later, Dante returned to Raj's office to report to Sonny and Dev that Raj was dead. Dante was confident that the evidence that he had gathered would be enough to take down the entire organization. Just then, Robert and his men arrived.

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