J.T. holds the women at gunpoint
The Young and the Restless Recap for Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
by Nel

Billy and Nick were at Victoria's, speaking into the listening device they'd found. They hoped that J.T. was listening. They talked about their plans to get Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon out of Genoa City. They confirmed their plans to get the women from the Dark Horse warehouse to the airstrip, making sure they had everything the women would need to get out of the country.

Billy and Nick went into another room and spoke in whispers. They confirmed their plans regarding J.T., but Billy expressed skepticism about Rey. Nick said he trusted Rey. Nick called his security guards for an update and was told that J.T. hadn't shown up yet. Billy said he was worried about the women. Nick said he'd call the cabin, and Billy could talk to Victoria for reassurance that the ladies were okay. Billy agreed.

Nick's first call to Victoria didn't go through. While Nick tried again, Billy said that something was wrong because J.T. should have taken the bait and gone to Dark Horse. Nick told Billy he was going to talk to Rey. He suggested that Billy remain and provide further information into the listening device about their escape plans for the women. Billy told Nick that Rey would have to answer to them if anything went wrong. Nick spoke to Victoria, and after the call ended, he assured Billy the women were okay.

Nick and Billy confirmed that they would meet at the cabin later. After Nick left, Billy pretended to call Victoria to provide her with further information about their pickup from Dark Horse and transport to the airstrip. Once Billy completed feeding information into the listening device, he sent a text message to Nick, telling him it was done.

At the hospital, Rey thanked Nate for saving Lola's life. Rey received a call from Christine demanding that he return to the police station immediately because they had three fugitives on the run. Rey assured her that he'd been doing everything he could to find the fugitives, and he confirmed that he'd questioned a number of people. Christine said she didn't trust him because of his proclamation of love for Sharon in court. Christine had seen how love could interfere in an investigation.

At the cabin, Nikki stated that Nick should have allowed them to be the real bait for J.T. Victoria proclaimed that she didn't have confidence in Nick's plan. Sharon assured Nikki and Victoria that Rey was confident their plan would work. Nikki scoffed and said she felt so much better because Rey had so much experience breaking people out of prison. Sharon reminded them that Rey was on their side.

Outside the cabin, one of the security guards had been checking the surrounding area. He discovered a partially clad and unconscious security guard. At that moment, J.T. knocked the second security guard unconscious. J.T. cringed when Victoria stood on the porch, yelling, "Hello." The phone rang, and the ladies went inside the cabin. Victoria assured Nick that they were fine. She asked Nick if J.T. had arrived at the Black Horse warehouse. Nick said J.T. hadn't, but Nick promised to protect them. He assured Victoria the situation would be resolved very soon.

When Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon went into the kitchen, J.T. stood at the door and saw the burner phone on the table.

Victoria told Nikki she wanted to feel better after she'd spoken to Nick. Nikki reminded her that they weren't in prison. Nikki assured her that they would be fine. The ladies were frightened when the lights suddenly went out. Victoria decided to call Nick to report what had happened, but the phone was gone. She discovered that the landline was also dead. Victoria guessed that J.T. was outside. Nikki told Sharon and Victoria to arm themselves. Victoria grabbed a knife, Sharon grabbed a heavy ornament, and Nikki picked up the fireplace poker.

Outside, J.T. destroyed the burner phone with the butt of his gun.

Victoria told Nikki and Sharon that J.T. wanted to draw them outside, and she complied. Outside, Victoria yelled for J.T., saying that she had a gun, and she wasn't afraid to use it. She said they would protect themselves the way they had before. Victoria suggested that they get to a cabin with a working phone and call for help, but when they entered the cabin, J.T. told them it was too late for them to run.

At the bar at the Athletic Club, Phyllis saw Victor and complained that her day couldn't have gotten any worse. She told Victor that Christine was responsible for the women's fate because Christine had twisted her words. After she saw the news flash on the television, Phyllis advised Victor that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were fugitives.

At the police station, Rey assured Christine that he'd done everything he could in an attempt to locate the fugitives. Christine stated that she didn't doubt Rey's loyalty. After Christine walked away, Nick arrived and chided Rey for not answering his calls. Rey explained that he'd been with the D.A. Nick told Rey he suspected that J.T. was onto them because he hadn't shown up at the warehouse. At that moment, Victor stormed into the police station.

Shouting, Victor demanded to know what efforts Rey had made in finding Nikki and Victoria. Victor yelled that if anything happened to Nikki or Victoria, he would hold the police department responsible. Nick tried to explain, but Victor ignored him.

Rey led Nick and Victor into a room for privacy. Nick explained to Victor about the ladies' escape that he and Rey had planned. He also told Victor how they had set a trap for J.T. He assured Victor that Nikki and Victoria were safe. Victor wanted to see them immediately. Nick informed him that Nikki and Victoria were at the Abbott cabin, and his best security men were protecting them. Victor asked if they had a backup plan. Rey assured him that they had all bases covered. Victor advised Nick not to trust Rey because he'd tried to put Nikki and Victoria behind bars for the rest of their lives.

Rey told Victor he'd been devastated when the sentences had been handed down. He assured Victor that he wasn't a fan of vigilante justice or false convictions. Rey admitted that at the time of his testimony, he hadn't had all the facts. He had believed that Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria had taken the law into their own hands and had killed J.T.

Nick told Victor they had to find J.T. He explained that he'd tried to lure J.T. to the warehouse at Dark Horse, but J.T. hadn't taken the bait. Victor insisted on going to the cabin to see Nikki and Victoria, but Nick discouraged him, indicating that J.T. could follow Victor to the cabin. Nick suggested that Victor call and speak to Nikki so she could assure him they were okay. Nick dialed the number, but no one answered.

Victor said he was going to the cabin. Nick said he would go with Victor and told him not to panic because there had to be an answer. Christine stood in the doorway and asked, "The answer to what?" Rey explained that he'd invited Victor and Nick to meet with him because he wanted to reassure them that everything possible had been done to identify the women's whereabouts. Christine was skeptical. Rey stated it was time to get into the field. He took out his business card, jotted something down, and gave it to Nick. Rey told Nick to call him if he heard anything.

After Rey and Christine left, Nick told Victor that Rey wanted them to meet him in the garage.

In the Abbott living room, Kerry massaged Jack's shoulders. Jack reminded her that she needed to return to the lab, but she said she had time. She asked about Johnny and Katie. Jack said that they were playing. He told her that they had a game room full of board games. Kerry said that Jack hadn't mentioned Dina recently. Jack admitted that Dina had been struggling. Kerry realized they were almost alone, and she suggested that they go to the game room and "play."

Back at the cabin, J.T. told Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon that he'd been watching them since the day they'd tried to kill him. J.T. appeared to be in pain because he kept cradling his head. Victoria explained that Nikki had only tried to protect her. She asked why he hadn't stepped forward in all that time. J.T. claimed that he'd loved watching all of them squirm while the cops had investigated them for his murder. Victoria asked how he'd known they were at the cabin. J.T. explained that he'd followed the prison van because he had wanted to see them being marched into prison for what they'd done to him, but they had decided to take a detour.

Victoria asked J.T. to release Nikki and Sharon because the issues were between her and J.T., but J.T. said there was plenty of payback to go around. He reached into his backpack and gave Victoria plastic ties and ordered her to tie everyone's hands and ankles.

Victoria asked how J.T. had escaped the grave. J.T. picked up the fireside poker and sneered, claiming he was certain Nikki wished she had hit him much harder. Once the women were bound, J.T. told them about the sheer terror he'd experienced as the dirt had piled up on top of him. Nikki spat that she was certain it was the same terror he'd put Victoria through, and if she hadn't stopped him, he would have killed Victoria. Nikki stated that she'd done the only thing she could to protect her child. She accused J.T. of making them feel responsible for his death for a year.

Holding her at gunpoint, J.T. yelled for Nikki to shut up. J.T. appeared to have intense head pain. Victoria said she was worried about him, but J.T. asked if she'd been worried when she'd thrown him into a hole like garbage. Victoria asked how J.T. had managed to escape his grave. He explained that they had buried him on top of a storm drain. The storm drain had burst under his weight and the weight of the dirt, sending him on a ride through the city drain system. Victoria stated that none of them had wanted him dead.

J.T. told Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon that he had listened to them for months. He'd heard how they felt about him and the justification for what they had done to him. Victoria wanted to explain, but J.T. wanted to know how she would explain to Reed about burying J.T. alive. J.T. held his head as the pain intensified. Victoria wanted to know what he planned to do. J.T. cocked his gun. Victoria suggested that he could handle things differently, and she asked him to think of Reed.

J.T. asked if Victoria had thought about Reed when she'd tried to kill him. J.T. accused her of allowing Reed to believe that he had abandoned Reed. Victoria said that she'd wanted them to be a family again, and she couldn't believe the way things had turned out. J.T.'s pain kept intensifying. He screamed at Victoria that he'd known what was best for them, and he wanted to know why Victoria hadn't listened to him. J.T. refused to discuss it any further with her. He continued to cradle his head and grimace in pain.

Outside the cabin, Billy walked through the woods, waiting to hear from Nick. Phyllis tapped him on the shoulder and scared him. She confessed that she'd followed him. Billy demanded that she go home, or she would screw everything up. Phyllis refused. She guessed that the ladies were hiding in the cabin. She told Billy she was going with him, whether he liked it or not.

Back in the cabin, Nikki told J.T. he should only blame her, but J.T. was distracted because of the intense pain in his head. Victoria pleaded with J.T. to allow her to take him to a doctor. In response, J.T. picked up the fireplace poker and smashed everything around the fireplace with it and damaged the gas line. J.T. fell unconscious from a combination of gas fumes and head pain. The ladies were coughing from the gas fumes and yelled for J.T. to wake up.

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