Thursday, December 11, 2014

At the Athletic Club, Kelly chased Phyllis down the stairs, and she rambled that Jack had made a special trip to Georgia to say goodbye to Phyllis. Jack walked in as the women argued, and Kelly ordered them both to leave her place of business. Jack dragged Phyllis upstairs to the office.

Phyllis raged that she knew everything that had happened between Jack and Kelly, even though he hadn't bothered to tell her a thing. Jack admonished Phyllis for attacking Kelly rather than confronting him, and Phyllis retorted that she'd planned to go after him next, but she'd wanted to get things straight with "the slut" first. Jack started to head out to find Kelly, and Phyllis incredulously asked if Jack was leaving her to make sure Kelly was okay. He replied that he was, and he ordered Phyllis to stay there.

Kelly chugged a drink at the bar, and Summer entered and asked if Kelly had seen Phyllis or Jack. Kelly reported that Phyllis had thought she'd known everything, but she hadn't, so Kelly had been happy to fill her in. Jack approached and informed Summer that Phyllis was upstairs, and Summer went to find her mother. Jack said he'd wanted to make sure Kelly was all right, and she told him not to tell her how sorry he was, since she would be fine. Kelly added that Jack was the one who'd made a horrible mistake, and he'd spend the rest of his life regretting it.

Summer found Phyllis in the office, and Phyllis guessed Jack had called for reinforcements. Summer relayed that she'd been out looking for Phyllis on her own, and she explained that she'd concluded Phyllis had been upset about something more than the apartment. Phyllis asked if Summer had known about Kelly, and Summer admitted that she'd felt terrible for not telling the truth, but she'd been scared the news would push Phyllis over the edge. Summer assumed Phyllis was mad at her, but Phyllis insisted she wasn't, and the women sat down together to talk.

Phyllis recognized that she shouldn't have gotten upset with Summer, but she defended that it had been shocking to find out everything that had happened while she'd been gone. Summer swore that Phyllis knew everything, and Phyllis asked how Summer felt about Jack and Kelly's relationship. Summer confessed that she'd had a problem with them being together at first, but she'd eventually tried to accept it, since Jack had started to look like himself again instead of being constantly miserable.

Phyllis asked if Jack had visited her to say goodbye, and Summer confirmed he had. Phyllis struggled to maintain her composure, and Summer babbled that she'd believed the entire time that Phyllis would wake up and that Jack would want to be with Phyllis. Summer added that she'd told Kelly that, but she also hadn't wanted Jack to be alone, and she wished Phyllis could understand. Phyllis thought that maybe she would once she and Jack hashed it out, and Summer begged her to have sympathy.

Downstairs, Kelly said she'd heard a lot about how Phyllis could be jealous and over the top, but she'd had no idea what a "flat-out psycho" Phyllis actually was. Jack wished he'd stopped Phyllis from going after Kelly, but Kelly flatly pointed out that he hadn't. She added that Phyllis should have blamed him, but Phyllis had attacked and demeaned Kelly instead. Kelly couldn't believe Jack had chosen "that woman" over her, and Jack argued that Kelly had only seen one side of Phyllis. Kelly testily noted that she'd done everything he'd asked, and she ranted that she'd been foolish enough to think he would step up and tell Phyllis the truth. Kelly proclaimed that she'd seen him for the man he was, and she was glad to be rid of him. Phyllis returned downstairs, and Kelly stormed off.

Kelly returned to her office, where she found Summer waiting. Summer apologized on Phyllis' behalf, and she defended that Phyllis was still getting used to being back, but Kelly insisted that Summer didn't have to apologize for her mother's self-righteousness. Summer recognized that Kelly had loved Jack and that Kelly had really helped him, and she was sorry Kelly had been hurt. After Summer left, an upset Kelly tried to work, but when she opened a drawer, she found a rose Jack had given her. She dropped it in the trash and crumpled back into her chair in tears.

Jack and Phyllis returned home, and he asked how long she'd known about him and Kelly. She confided that she'd discovered the loving exchange of messages on his phone a few weeks before, and he chided her for hacking into his phone. Phyllis readily admitted that she'd invaded his privacy, and she demanded to know why he hadn't told her he'd fallen in love with another woman. Jack referred to the doctor's orders not to add to Phyllis' distress, but Phyllis growled that Jack hadn't wanted to add to his own. Jack swore he hadn't wanted to hurt Phyllis, but she bellowed that he had. He tried to touch her, but she jerked away and sobbed that he'd hurt her badly.

Jack said that it had killed him not to tell Phyllis, and he'd intended to tell her that day, but Phyllis accused him of lying since she'd returned home. Jack pointed out that he hadn't been the only one who'd lied, and he guessed that Phyllis had been testing him. Phyllis retorted that she'd been waiting patiently for him to confess, and she sarcastically suggested that she go back to her place, but she griped that he'd sold it. He maintained that it had been a difficult decision, but she thought he'd clearly moved on without her, especially since she'd found out he'd gone to the clinic to say goodbye.

Jack argued that it had been a painful experience, and Phyllis huffed that she hadn't been able to talk back. She accused him of wanting to feel like he hadn't been cheating, and he contended that he hadn't been. She asked if Jack had made Kelly laugh or had stroked her hair -- the things Jack had once done only for Phyllis -- and she flatly stated that he'd cheated. Jack protested that Phyllis hadn't been there, and Phyllis yelled that it hadn't been her decision. Jack recounted that Phyllis had left him behind with all of her things, and her presence had taunted him, since he'd thought he'd never have her again.

Jack recalled that Phyllis hadn't responded to any of her loved ones for countless days, but Phyllis snarled that Jack had wanted Kelly. Jack said he'd accepted that Phyllis wouldn't ever be back to love him again, and he wouldn't apologize for missing her. She wondered if he hadn't felt guilty at all, and she angrily confronted him about having Kelly move into the house. Phyllis raged that Jack had planned to sleep in their room for the rest of his life with another woman, and she demanded to know why he'd asked Phyllis to marry him. Jack simply stated that she'd returned, and she asked if that was it.

Jack explained that he'd had a year with nothing but memories of Phyllis, and he'd been unprepared for her glorious return. He said that the first time he'd proposed, he'd known how much he loved her, but the second time, he'd known how much he needed her. He continued that he didn't want to spend another day of his life without her loving him, and Kelly was part of his past. He begged Phyllis to believe him and to trust him, or they had nothing. Phyllis resolved to find a way to move beyond Kelly, and a surprised Jack asked why. Phyllis said she loved him, and they hugged and kissed.

At the Underground, Mariah pulled away from Kevin's kiss when Austin arrived, and Kevin surmised that she hadn't wanted Austin to get the wrong idea. She contended that she didn't care about Austin, and Kevin asked if he was the one with the wrong idea. Mariah pointed out that she hadn't said the kiss was a problem, but Kevin noted that she'd acted like she hadn't been able to get away fast enough. Austin approached and asked if there was anything he needed to know before he started his shift, and Mariah informed him she hadn't finished restocking. Austin got a call from Summer, and he voiced his suspicion that Phyllis had figured out Jack and Kelly had been seriously involved. Kevin recommended that the best thing to do was to steer clear of the blast zone.

Austin left to get to work, and Mariah told Kevin that he couldn't just suddenly kiss someone. Kevin asked if she'd liked it, and she replied that she hadn't expected it. He said he hadn't planned it, but it had been a moment of affection after he'd opened up to her and she'd comforted him. She scoffed at the idea that friends comforted one another that way all the time, and she questioned whether they were supposed to have sex next.

Kevin thought it would be a bad idea for things between him and Mariah to go further, and Mariah pointed out that sex was usually the next stop for guys. Kevin conceded that part of him thought it was a terrific idea, but he liked that they could talk to one another, and he didn't want to mess it up by doing something they'd regret. She asked if that had been what had happened with Chloe, and Kevin showed Mariah a photo of Delia on his phone. He explained that he'd been demolished when he'd lost Delia, but something had broken inside Chloe, and she'd lost her mind. Kevin confided that he'd remarried Chloe because he'd thought he could love her back to health, but some relationships couldn't be saved.

Mariah noted that Kevin had been devoted to Chloe and had loved Delia like his own daughter, and she mused that she'd never had anyone love her like that. She clarified that she hadn't intended her comment as a hint, and Kevin told her to relax, since they were friends. They agreed things were cool between them, and Mariah dictated that there was to be no more comfort by kissing. He asked if she needed a lift, and she casually invited him to stop by to help decorate the tree later. He joked that it would only take two minutes, but he volunteered to get some tinsel.

Summer rushed into the bar, and Austin hugged her and asked if she'd found Phyllis. Summer reported that she hadn't found her mother before Phyllis had confronted Kelly and Jack, and Phyllis had felt betrayed. Summer mentioned that she and Phyllis had ended up in a good place, but Phyllis had ripped into Kelly, and she'd been gearing up for a battle with Jack. Austin recalled that Summer had always said nothing could get between Phyllis and Jack, but Summer worried that Phyllis had seemed really mad. Austin assured her that Phyllis still wanted the life she'd had before the accident, but Summer wondered if that was even possible.

In the park, Chelsea finished a cryptic phone call, and Billy thought her terse end of the conversation had sounded secretive. She tried to change the subject, but he pushed to know who had been on the phone, and she revealed that Jeffrey had given up on his bogus lawsuit against the hospital. Billy asked how much Chelsea had paid her father, and she called it her good deed of the season. Billy commented that she'd earned points for Santa's nice list, and she asked what else she got for her efforts. They kissed, and Billy anticipated watching Delia and the boys open their Christmas presents. A disconcerted Chelsea corrected that he'd meant Katie, and Billy swore it had just been a slip, but Chelsea thought it was more than that.

Billy defended that he'd called his daughter Delia out of habit, but Chelsea thought it was understandable if Billy considered Katie to be a second chance. Billy asserted that Katie was her own person and not a warped opportunity to replace what he'd lost, and he expected to think about Delia when Connor ripped open his presents because the boy's unbridled excitement would remind Billy of Delia in a good way. Billy acknowledged that he couldn't replace someone he'd loved and lost, and Chelsea compared it to her not replacing Adam with Billy. Billy stated that he hoped not, considering Adam had been worthless and malicious.

Chelsea understood Billy's feelings, but she told him it hurt her when he criticized Adam. He suggested they leave talk about Adam out of their first Christmas together, but Chelsea protested that although it was their first Christmas together, it was also her first one without Adam. She recounted that she and Adam had spent a wonderful holiday together the year before, and she hadn't realized it would be the last. Billy pointed out that Adam and Chelsea's happiness had been a lie, since Adam had known he'd killed Delia, but Chelsea asserted that it didn't erase her memories of Adam.

Billy maintained that he and Chelsea were better off not talking about Adam, and Chelsea admitted she had mixed emotions every time she heard Adam's name, but she requested that Billy be more sensitive, since the anniversary of Adam's death was just around the corner. Billy promised he'd try to watch what he said, but he couldn't let go of his hatred just because he and Chelsea were together. Chelsea argued that Adam was still her son's father, and Billy questioned whether she didn't want Connor to know Adam had killed Delia. Chelsea said Connor just needed to know his father had loved him.

Chelsea recognized that when Billy looked at Connor, he was reminded that Adam had taken Delia away. Chelsea continued that Adam had given her Connor, and she thought Connor resembled Adam more every day. She believed that if Billy loved her and cared about Connor, he had to accept that Adam would always be part of their lives. Billy thought he'd never stop feeling the way he did about Adam, but he loved Chelsea, and he respected what she had to do for Connor's sake. Billy added that he loved the little boy, and he vowed to do his best to keep his mouth shut and stop slamming Adam.

Billy refused to let Adam interfere with the life he and Chelsea were building, and he and Chelsea hugged. Billy wanted to leave, but Chelsea said she needed more hot chocolate. He offered to warm her up at home instead, but she insisted on a hot drink. As he turned away, she pelted him with a snowball, and they playfully engaged in a snowball fight.

Adam played chess against himself, and Sage was surprised that he wasn't exercising instead. He said he was working his brain, and she wondered if he was exhausted after his outing the prior day. She added that he'd almost blown it, and Adam begrudgingly credited her with talking him down at the Athletic Club. Sage sympathized that the situation was hard for him, and she advised that the transition would take time. Adam disagreed, since the day before had convinced him that he needed to get back to his life and reclaim his family.

Sage reminded Adam that he couldn't renege on their deal, and Adam said he could to go back and forth to Genoa City. She worried that he was taking on too much too soon, and as she made the next chess move and declared checkmate, she warned he was unprepared. He conceded that he hadn't been as ready as he should have been when he'd seen Chelsea with Billy, and Sage cautioned that Adam wasn't acting enough like Gabriel. He recognized that he needed to be able to confidently sell himself as Gabriel, and he demanded that Sage provide him with more information, but she told him to give it more time. Adam pleaded for her help to teach him everything about Gabriel right away.

Sage presented Adam with a box of Gabriel's prized possessions, and she pointed out Gabriel's favorite watch, which had been inscribed with a message from Gabriel's dad. Adam assumed Sage had known Gabriel well, and she replied that they'd spent a lot of time together. He asked if Gabriel had taught her how to play chess, and she informed him that she'd taught Gabriel. Sage explained that the watch had been a college graduation gift, and Gabriel had been devastated when his father had passed away. Adam remarked that he'd have to fake paternal love, since he hadn't had that kind of relationship with Victor.

Adam asked which pocket Gabriel had carried his money clip in, and Sage asked about Adam's mother. Adam called Hope the most wonderful person he'd ever known, and he expressed his appreciation to Sage for filling in the gaps, but Sage advised him not to get ahead of himself. Adam declared that it was time to see if he knew Gabriel Bingham well enough to fool the world. Sage quizzed Adam about Gabriel's history, and she coached him to smile more. Adam rattled off details about Gabriel, and he commented that Gabriel had gotten by on charm and personality.

Sage said Gabriel had been kind and sweet, and she encouraged Adam to suppress his actual personality when he was trying to be Gabriel. Adam questioned whether she didn't think he was sweet, and she compared him to arsenic. She prompted Adam to tell her what Gabriel had done after graduating from school, and Adam recalled that Gabriel had worked with his father, but he suspected that Gabriel hadn't been a hard worker, since the company had gone under. Sage corrected that it had been a hostile takeover, and Adam quipped that it was what happened when the senior vice president was off gallivanting instead of paying attention to the family business.

Sage barked that Adam could spit out facts, but he was nothing like Gabriel. She added that Adam was still a mess, and he protested that he had his strength back, but she said he'd been shaking when he'd seen his wife with Billy. Adam admitted he'd been off his game the first time he'd seen Chelsea, and he acknowledged that he'd be signing his own death certificate if he allowed anyone to recognize who he really was. Sage reiterated that he needed more time, but he vowed to go back to Genoa City the next day and start over.

Later, Adam dreamed about the car accident, and he woke up yelling Delia's name.

. . .

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  • At Victoria’s, Billy finds Stitch holding Katie. Billy says, “This is getting to be a habit.”
  • Jack finds Adam in the Abbott mansion living room and says, “Who the hell are you?”
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