Thursday, July 17, 2014

In the park, Stitch spotted a baby blanket on the ground as he walked by, and he saw Chelsea and guessed the blanket was Connor's. Stitch remarked that he knew that kids got attached to their toys, and Chelsea thanked him for returning it. She wondered if she could ask Stitch a question, and he replied that she probably wouldn't get an answer. She noted that he sounded hostile, and he retorted that he didn't feel like helping her invade his privacy. She clarified that it had been a medical question, and she inquired why he was being defensive.

Stitch blamed his attitude on a long shift at the hospital, and he prompted Chelsea to ask her medical question. She said that Connor had had a cough the night before, and she was concerned that the croup had recurred. Stitch informed her that it was possible to get it more than once, and he advised her to call her pediatrician if Connor had any worrisome symptoms, but he was sure Billy would be happy to lend a hand with home treatments. Chelsea asked what he was implying, and Stitch wondered if things were serious between her and Billy. She snapped that it was none of his business, and Stitch warned her to stay out of his business if she wanted him to stay out of hers.

After Stitch left, Chelsea answered a call from Kevin, and she griped that he hadn't returned her calls. He replied that he'd been busy, but he had more information about Ben Rayburn, and he had positive proof that Stitch was hiding something. Kevin revealed that he'd looked up Ben's death certificate, and the social security number on it had matched the one Stitch had used on his medical school transcripts. Chelsea realized that Stitch really had stolen someone's identity, and she suspected that he was hiding something huge.

Kevin thought that Billy and Victoria should know the facts, since what he'd discovered was more than just speculation, and Chelsea imagined that Victoria would end things with Stitch. Chelsea flashed back to Billy kissing her after he'd refused to say goodbye, and Kevin asked if Chelsea still wanted to help Billy and Victoria get back together. Kevin stressed that it was important to tell them, since Victoria had no idea who she'd gotten involved with. Chelsea half-heartedly agreed that Billy and Victoria needed to know the truth.

Later, Kevin left a message for Chloe to let her know that he was in a bar, having a beer. He mumbled that he didn't even like beer, but guys were supposed to wallow in a dive bar after their wives left them. He clarified that it hadn't been a real marriage, and she hadn't really left him, so he shouldn't feel bad about it, but he did. He promised that it would be the only time he'd say it, and there would be no more calls or emails. He said that he'd had ideas and thoughts rolling in his mind that he'd wanted to tell her, but he'd figure something else out because he was letting her go. He determinedly said goodbye, and he tearfully hung up.

At the Underground, Mariah struggled to open a jar, and Nick offered to give her a hand. Sharon entered as Nick said that the key was to be smarter than the jar, and Mariah teased him for being outsmarted by a container of olives. He joked that it hadn't been the first time, and Sharon remarked that she was glad to see them getting along. Mariah went to retrieve another jar, and Sharon informed Nick about Ian's visit to apologize for getting off on the wrong foot. She added that Ian had been full of compliments about how Sharon was great for Mariah, but Nick was still suspicious of Ian's agenda.

Sharon noted that Ian had seemed to really care when he'd spoken about Mariah, but Nick didn't buy it. Sharon showed Nick the wedding photo of Summer, Jack, and Nick on her phone, and he said that it had been nice to see Summer look happy. He recognized that it had meant a lot to Summer to have both her dads walk her down the aisle, and it had been hard for him to share that moment, but he had to give Jack credit for accepting that Nick would always be in Summer's life. Sharon looked uncomfortable, and she mused that something wasn't right.

Sharon divulged that she'd felt the same uneasiness at the wedding, but she didn't know what was bothering her. She added that something about seeing both Jack and Nick being fathers to Summer seemed off, and Nick agreed that it also felt wrong to him, but he was doing the best he could to accept it. Sharon commended him for taking the high road, and she informed him that Dr. Mead had thought that her feelings could be the start of a major breakthrough to get back her lost memories. Sharon wished there was a way to jog the memories, and she suddenly realized that maybe there was.

At Jabot, Jack left a message for Summer, asking her to return his call. Meanwhile, Billy left a voicemail for Victoria, noting that things had been tense before she'd left for DC, and he wanted to talk when she had a chance. As Abby rode up the elevator, she phoned Tyler and threatened to leave his belongings at the Genoa City dump if he didn't pick them up. Jack, Billy, and Abby ran into each other outside the elevator as they ended their calls, and Abby declared that it looked like it would be another banner day for the Abbott family.

While discussing business, Billy stumbled over some technical terms in his FDA approval update, and he admitted that his head was elsewhere. Jack complained about Summer's recent decisions, and Abby questioned why Jack had attended the wedding instead of pushing for an annulment, since walking Summer down the aisle had indicated that he'd given up. Jack explained that he'd gone to support Summer and not her actions, and he was grateful that Kelly had convinced him to make the right decision. Abby blasted Kelly's life choices, but Billy thought that Abby should be able to deal with Jack and Kelly's relationship if Billy could, since Jack deserved happiness, and Jack said that Billy did, too.

Abby suspected that Billy was dating someone, and she accused him of giving up on Victoria and turning to a "mystery slut," but he swore that he hadn't given up and that he wasn't Tyler. Billy added that he didn't even know what he had with the other woman, but he knew that Victoria had moved on with Stitch. Billy advised Abby to focus on her own personal life, but she complained that she didn't have one, and she contemplated Lily's suggestion that she start dating again. Jack said that he just wanted her to be happy, and they hugged. Abby prepared to meet Traci, who had returned from New York, and Jack was certain that Traci would make Abby feel better. Meanwhile, at the Athletic Club, Traci forlornly reviewed some legal documents.

After Abby left, Billy remarked that he was trying his hardest to move forward, but it wasn't like him to analyze every decision before he acted, and people would miss out on the good things about him if they didn't accept that he made mistakes. Sharon arrived to see Jack, and Billy departed. Jack was surprised to see Sharon again that soon, and she acknowledged that the wedding might not have been what he'd wanted, but it had been a beautiful ceremony. Jack said it had meant a lot to Summer to have Sharon help, especially since Phyllis hadn't been able to be there. Sharon informed him that she was there to talk about Phyllis.

Sharon lamented that as hard as she tried, she couldn't remember her secret, and Jack wished that Phyllis could wake up and tell her what it was. Sharon had a feeling that it had to do with something that had happened around the time of Phyllis' accident, since all of Sharon's memories had returned, except those around that period of time. Sharon asked if Jack remembered anything that might help her figure it out, and he recalled that Sharon had been very kind and supportive of him and Nick after Phyllis' accident. Jack recounted that Phyllis had briefly woken up, and he'd thought she'd turned a corner, but she'd suddenly lapsed back into a coma after she had suffered a seizure.

Sharon apologized for asking Jack to relive it, but he insisted that he wanted to help. He remembered that Sharon had been around a lot after Phyllis' accident, but Sharon couldn't see herself going to the hospital, given her strained relationship with Phyllis. Jack reasoned that a crisis changed things, and Phyllis would have appreciated Sharon's concern. Sharon asked how Phyllis was doing, and Jack reported that there had been no real change, so he'd had to accept that there wasn't going to be one.

Nick successfully opened a different jar, and he asked if Mariah wanted to pick up some extra shifts that weekend. Mariah assumed that he wanted her to be able to pay back Sharon more quickly, and Stitch entered. Stitch asked about Mariah's knee, and she commented that it was a good thing he'd treated it, since she was on her feet all day at her new job. Stitch ordered a beer, and she said that it was on the house and that Nick could take it out of her salary. She explained that she owed Stitch, who had been nice to treat her injury when she'd had no insurance, and Stitch thanked her.

Mariah went to the back to take inventory, and Nick remarked that everyone seemed to love "Dr. Stitch." Stitch recognized that he and Nick hadn't had a chance to get to know one another, but he hoped to be part of Victoria's life. Nick quipped that it would be a lock if the baby was Stitch's, and he mentioned that he and Victoria had a deal to not judge one another, but he and Stitch wouldn't have a problem if Stitch kept Victoria smiling. Mariah asked Nick to sign for a delivery, and Billy voiced his dismay when he entered and spotted Stitch. Stitch pointed out that Billy could go someplace else, and Billy testily asked whether Stitch shouldn't be off sleeping with someone else's wife.

Billy taunted that Stitch didn't want any other man's wife, just Billy's. Stitch said that Victoria was Billy's ex, but Billy countered that the divorce wasn't final yet, and Stitch called it a technicality. Billy speculated that Stitch's relationship with Victoria would be history when the paternity test confirmed the baby was Billy's, and he stepped aside to take a call. Billy mentioned that he was at the Underground, and he called out Chelsea's name, but she had hung up. Stitch contended that no matter what Billy had said, things were over between Billy and Victoria, since Billy was already sleeping with Chelsea.

Billy insisted that he and Chelsea weren't together, and Stitch scoffed at the idea that "strictly sex" hadn't impacted Victoria. Billy huffed that trying to tear him down wouldn't help Stitch's cause, since Victoria barely knew Stitch and didn't love him, and the more she knew, the faster she'd dump Stitch. Stitch questioned whether Billy expected Victoria to go running back to Billy after the mess he'd made of their marriage, and Billy pointed out that she had before. As Chelsea arrived, Stitch taunted that Victoria had never filed for divorce before, and he couldn't blame her, since Billy was always turning to another woman.

Stitch blasted Billy for not appreciating Victoria, and he ordered Billy to leave them alone. Billy hissed that he'd never accept that Victoria wanted Stitch, and the men appeared to be about to scuffle, but Nick broke it up. Chelsea pulled Billy aside and asked what he had to gain, and Billy wished that he'd looked more into Stitch's past. Billy ordered screwdrivers, and Nick recognized that Billy and Victoria had some serious issues, but he warned Billy against dealing with them at Nick's club. Billy complained that he'd had to deal with Stitch, but Nick advised Billy to worry about himself, since acting out would be the quickest way to get Victoria to sign the divorce papers.

Chelsea told Stitch that he had a funny way of showing that didn't want to cause trouble, but he noted that Chelsea had seemed hurt when Billy had professed his commitment to Victoria. Stitch accused Chelsea of having feelings for Billy, but he observed that she seemed to torpedo any shot she had. She told Stitch not to turn it around on her, since he would say anything to keep her from finding out what he was hiding. Stitch argued that he'd lost everything important to him and that he'd wanted to start over by putting his past in St. Louis behind him, and he hoped he had. He added that it was up to Chelsea, since she could walk away and let him have a shot at happiness with Victoria, or she could destroy him, but she'd also be destroying her own chance at happiness with Billy.

Billy toasted to better days ahead without Stitch, and he and Chelsea clinked their glasses together. He asked what had been important enough for her to rush over, but she balked when she and Stitch locked eyes. Chelsea said that it wasn't easy, but she had to be honest.

Sharon returned to the bar, and she was impressed that Stitch and Billy were in the same room with nothing broken. Nick mentioned that he'd had to separate the men, and he asked where she'd gone. She replied that she'd hoped Jack could tell her something about the secret she shared with Phyllis, but she hadn't had any luck. Sharon resolved to make peace with not knowing what her secret was unless her memory returned, since Jack thought that Phyllis would never wake up.

In Dr. Mead's office, Dr. Mead pointed out that Victor could have consulted with a number of renowned psychiatrists, but he said that he wanted her help. She instructed him to start by telling her about himself, but he said that he was there to discuss a patient -- Sharon. Dr. Mead refused to disclose anything about Sharon due to doctor-patient confidentiality, but Victor claimed that he was there to offer information in case Sharon hadn't been forthcoming, and he divulged that Sharon had invited her dead daughter's look-alike to live at her house. Dr. Mead asked if that bothered Victor, and he declared that it should bother everyone, since Mariah had an association with a known felon. Dr. Mead wondered what Victor hoped to gain.

Victor said that he'd thought it would be helpful for Dr. Mead to have all the information about Sharon available to her, since it might help to get results more quickly. Victor mentioned that Sharon was harboring a secret that could be explosive for Nick, and the only other person who knew the secret was in a coma, so he wanted to do everything possible to help get to the bottom of it. Dr. Mead said that it was time for Victor to leave, and Victor pointedly reminded the doctor that if she became aware of a crime or a threat of one, she was legally obligated to report it to the authorities. He wished her a nice day, and he left.

At the Athletic Club, Abby hugged Traci hello, and she asked if Traci had seen some Broadway shows with Ashley in New York. Traci said that she hadn't been in the mood, since she'd gone there to settle things with Steve, and her divorce was final. Abby was stunned, and Traci sadly stated that she had expected it, since nothing had been the same since Colleen had died. Traci got choked up as she explained that Steve hadn't been able to accept that she'd changed, but they'd both known that they wanted different things. Abby began to sob.

Traci was surprised by how hard Abby had taken the news, and she realized that Abby's emotional outburst had really been about her own breakup with Tyler. Abby wondered why people couldn't just be happy, and Traci said that it depended on each person's definition of what happiness was. Abby groused that they were all screwed, but Traci said she'd learned that she needed to look within herself to find happiness and not to try to find it in someone else. Traci suggested that she and Abby try to do it together, and she had a feeling that soon, they'd be telling one another about new men in their lives.

Jack entered the club with flowers, and he welcomed Traci home. She said that the blooms were just what she needed, but Jack said that they weren't for her. Abby revealed that Traci's divorce was final, and Jack asked if there was anything he could do. Traci requested that he host a family dinner that night, since she thought they could all use one, and he agreed. Abby griped that Jack had bought the flowers for the "queen of bad choices," but Traci pulled her away to take a look at the new deck. Victor asked for a word with Jack.

Victor chided Jack for standing by while Summer had married a criminal, and he called it a way for her to act out because she was upset about the loss of her mother. Jack wouldn't discuss it, and Victor spotted Kelly's name on the bouquet's card and remarked that Jack had also found a way to cope. Jack said that the conversation was over, and he walked away.

Victor made a call to Dr. Cutler to discuss a medication that reversed comas. Victor called the research extraordinary, and he wondered how the medication could get assigned to a patient.

. . .

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  • Kevin tells Chelsea who Stitch was before he began passing himself off as Ben Rayburn.
  • In Phyllis’ patient room, a doctor tells Victor that Phyllis’ family will be thrilled. Victor insists that Phyllis’ family not be told anything.
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