Thursday, September 18, 2014

Sharon suggested that she and Nick get married as soon as they could organize a wedding, and he volunteered to drive them to city hall. She preferred to get married in front of the people who mattered to them, and he wondered if she could tear herself away from the wedding plans to have dinner with the kids that evening. They amorously discussed what to have for dessert, but there was a knock at the door, and Sharon invited Nikki in on her way out. Nikki told Nick that they hadn't spoken privately since she'd heard about Nick and Sharon's engagement, and he asked what was left to say other than congratulations.

Nikki admitted that she would always have reservations about Sharon, but she recognized that Sharon made Nick happy, and she knew from personal experience how difficult it was when things felt like they were slipping away. She stared at a bottle of wine across the room, and she distractedly mused that she hoped Nick and Sharon stayed as happy as they were that day. Nick asked about Nikki's happiness, and she insisted she was fine, but he thought she seemed jittery. She snapped that nothing was going on, and she wished everyone would just back off.

Nikki apologized for being on edge because of Ian and the press, and she complained that Victor had been constantly checking on her. Noah and Faith entered and hugged Nikki, who said that she had to go. After Nikki departed, Nick asked Faith about school, and she said that a friend had invited her to dinner. Nick revealed that they were going to have an important family dinner, and Noah asked if anything was wrong. Faith and Noah peppered Nick with questions, but Nick insisted that he didn't want to ruin the surprise. Noah guessed that Nick and Sharon were getting married, and Faith squealed with excitement.

Nick tried to change the subject, but Faith asked if it was true, and Noah noted that Nick wasn't denying it. Nick refused to comment, and Noah warned that Nick had the choice to either spill the beans or spend hours being badgered. Faith begged for an answer, and Nick said that Sharon would be mad, since they had intended to tell the kids together. Nick worried that he would be in trouble before they even got married, and he announced that he and Sharon were engaged. Faith chirped that it was the best news ever, especially since it meant that she wouldn't be a love child anymore.

Nick asked if Noah was okay with the news, and Noah replied that he was happy, since he knew that Sharon was stable. Noah conceded that Sharon had worried him by obsessing over Nick's engagement to Avery and running red lights, and Nick mentioned that Sharon had thought that perhaps the traffic ticket had been what she'd been afraid to tell him about. Nick continued that he didn't care, since he wasn't worried about her secret anymore, and nothing would break him and Sharon apart. Faith called to Noah from upstairs, and Nick walked over to the desk and pulled out Sharon's traffic violation notice.

At the Athletic Club, Kelly complimented the single red rose Jack had given her, and they kissed. He was surprised that she wasn't with her mother, and Kelly blamed it on being busy at work. Jack asked if Kelly had even called Maureen, and Kelly admitted that she hadn't. Jack recognized that things were difficult between Kelly and Maureen, but he said that Kelly would have to deal with it eventually, and Kelly hoped she could do it from a distance. Jack offered to go with Kelly to have an honest conversation with Maureen, but Kelly warned that wherever her mother went, trouble followed.

Jack noticed that Kelly was staring at the rose, and she suspected that it was a ploy to get her to open up about her mother. Jack hoped that Kelly would do it on her own, and Kelly reiterated that she and her mom had never been close. Jack pointed out that Maureen had been trying, but Kelly thought it was an act, since she'd never be able to trust her mother. Jack thought it was amazing that Kelly had bounced back after all that she'd lost, but he also noted that she had a tendency to walk away, like she had from her brother and her ex-husband. Jack wondered if it would be easy for her to walk away from him if they ran into a bump, and he urged her to let him in.

Jack took Kelly's hand, and she recounted that Maureen had always been distant with her but not with Stitch. Kelly added that she'd been disappointed by Maureen's behavior after Kelly's father had died, and Jack reasoned that everyone grieved differently, but Kelly said that Maureen had acted like she hadn't missed Kelly's father at all. Kelly refused to be disappointed again, and Sharon interrupted them and announced that she wanted to book an event at the club. Sharon proudly displayed her engagement ring and declared that she was tying knot with Nick again, and Jack hugged her and gushed that Nick and Sharon's love had lasted, despite all they'd been through.

After Jack left, Sharon and Kelly went over details for a small reception, and Kelly offered to email Sharon some information about menus and florists. Sharon spotted the flower on the table and remarked that there wasn't anything better than a single rose from a loved one, and she was thrilled that Kelly had helped Jack to find happiness again. Kelly replied that Jack had added more to her life than she'd ever thought possible.

Sharon mentioned that she'd once been married to Jack, and they'd managed to remain friends. Kelly commended Jack's loyalty to the women in his life, and Sharon assumed that she meant Phyllis. Sharon referred to her own history with Phyllis, and Kelly asked how things had been between the women after Phyllis had moved on from Nick. Sharon revealed that she and Phyllis had never been friendly, but she couldn't remember exactly where they'd left things. Kelly realized that the topic made Sharon uncomfortable, and she resumed talking about wedding plans, but Sharon was clearly unnerved.

Stitch arrived to see Maureen in her hotel room, and he mentioned that she'd said that she planned to stay for a while. She replied that she wanted to stay for the birth of the baby and to spend time with Stitch and Kelly, and she hoped to mend fences with her daughter. Stitch cautioned that it might take some work, and Maureen wished she could go back and change "that day," but Stitch said that they could only move forward. On his way out, he found Jack waiting at the door. After Stitch departed, Jack informed Maureen that he had a few things to say to her.

Jack commented that Maureen's visit was a great opportunity to heal old wounds, and Maureen said that she hadn't meant for her presence to upset Kelly. Jack asked about the timing of Maureen's visit, and she explained that her part-time job had ended, so she'd taken the chance to make up for lost time with her kids. He asked if the lost time had been triggered by her husband's death, and Maureen inquired whether Jack had kids. She explained that she'd done the best she could for her children, but she'd also tried to create a life for herself, and sometimes the two worlds didn't align. Jack hoped that Maureen could give Kelly the answers she needed.

Maureen wished that she could help Kelly make sense of what had happened to Kelly's dad and their family, and she considered it a terrible tragedy for a child to kill his father. Maureen added that she and Stitch had worked hard to put it behind them, and Jack noted that Kelly had, too. Jack said that Kelly seemed like an afterthought to Maureen, who defended that she'd thought about how to protect her daughter from the moment Kelly had been born. Maureen called Kelly a strong girl who had pulled herself through the loss of a son and had made a life for herself, and she suggested that Kelly focus on the good things in front of her. Jack promised to do everything he could to help.

In the hallway, Nikki quickly ducked aside as Jack exited Maureen's room, and after he took off, Nikki knocked on the door. Maureen exclaimed that it was a nice surprise to see her, and Nikki said that she wanted to make sure Maureen understood why she'd used another name when they'd first met. Maureen swore that she'd call her Nikki whenever they crossed paths, and Nikki asked how long Maureen planned to stay, but Maureen wasn't sure. Maureen acknowledged that they didn't know one another that well, but she wondered why Nikki seemed incredibly nervous.

Maureen recognized that she was just a woman Nikki had met in a bar, but she repeated that everything they'd said would stay between them. A relieved Nikki thanked her, and she said that she'd just needed a break from being Mrs. Victor Newman. Maureen sympathized and imagined it could get lonely, and she said that she'd felt alone after her kids had moved away. Maureen suggested that they focus on positive things, and she wondered if Nikki had anything terrific going on in her life.

Nikki reported that her son was engaged, and Maureen pulled out some wine glasses and proposed that they toast to their kids' good fortune. Nikki balked, and Maureen recalled that Nikki had said that she usually didn't drink. Maureen offered Nikki a soft drink instead, but Nikki decided that one drink wouldn't hurt. Maureen handed her a glass of wine, and they toasted.

Hilary couldn't believe that Neil wanted a divorce, and she wondered if Lily had said something to put the idea in his head. He swore that it had nothing to do with his daughter, but there were facts he couldn't ignore, and he knew things wouldn't work out and why. Hilary declared her love to Neil, and she asked if he didn't love her anymore. He said that he was willing to let her go because he loved her, and she concluded that it was really about his eyes. He argued that she hadn't signed up for a life like that, and she countered that she'd entered into a life with him, but he said that she deserved better.

Hilary insisted that the life she wanted was to be married to and living with Neil, but he grumbled that she'd be looking after him, when she should have an exciting life with someone who could see the beautiful lady she was. She questioned whether he thought all she wanted was to be seen, but he assured her that he wouldn't think less of her if she left him. She replied that she would think less of herself, and he asked what she wanted most. Hilary said that she wanted to make Neil happy, and he insisted that his happiness was contingent upon setting her free.

Neil reiterated that it was the best decision for Hilary, and she questioned whether or not she had a say. He offered to give her time alone to get her things together, and she looked at their wedding photo and flashed back to his proposal. She refused to go and vowed that she would never leave Neil, and she clung to him. Neil told Hilary not to fight him on it, but she countered that they'd exchanged vows to stand by one another for better or for worse, and she wouldn't let him push her away. She asserted that she didn't want to hear another word about ending their marriage, and she opened the door to Jack, who said he was there to check on Neil.

Hilary said that she'd be back in a few hours, and after she left, Neil disclosed to a stunned Jack that he had been trying to let Hilary go. Jack understood that Neil was attempting to be noble, but he thought Neil and Hilary were good together, unless Hilary had given him a reason to think she didn't want to be there. Neil said that she had been devoted and loving, and she'd refused to leave. Jack realized that Neil's decision had been about his fears and frustrations, and Neil questioned why Hilary would want to be with a blind man. Jack pointed out that she was crazy about Neil, and he queried whether it was worse to think she was staying out of pity or to force away a woman who loved Neil.

Jack remembered the pain and anger he'd felt when he'd thought he might never walk again, but he'd fought to get through it with the help and courage of his loved ones. Jack encouraged Neil to embrace his wife's support and not push it away, and Neil realized he'd gone about it all wrong.

Sharon ran into Hilary in the park and gushed that she had good news, but she noticed Hilary's downtrodden expression. Hilary stated that it had been a rough day, and Sharon said that she was a friend who was ready to listen. Hilary thanked Sharon, but she swore that she and Neil would get through it. Hilary asked about Sharon's good news, and Sharon proclaimed that she was getting remarried. Hilary congratulated and hugged her, and Sharon marveled that she'd spend the rest of her life with the man she loved.

Victoria spotted Billy and Chelsea making out at the Dive Bar, and she coolly remarked, "Look who's back in town." Billy defended that there was no need to explain anything, since he and Victoria had signed divorce papers. Victoria agreed that they were free to do whatever they wanted with their personal lives, and Billy mentioned that Johnny had been excited about his gym class at the club that day. Victoria realized that she'd forgotten about it, so she had to find something to keep herself occupied until it was over. Stitch approached.

Abby arrived and noted that Stitch was early, but he griped that she was late. She remarked that everyone seemed to be there, and Billy asked what Abby and Stitch were meeting about. Billy was surprised to learn that Ashley had hired Stitch as the new chemist, and Chelsea congratulated Stitch. Victoria asked if Abby had heard that Nick and Sharon were getting remarried, and she pointedly added that he had never stopped loving Sharon or wanting a real family together.

Victoria glanced across the rooftop at Abby and Stitch, and he suggested that they meet at Jabot instead, but Abby didn't want to miss the sunshine. Stitch reported that the contractor had taken longer than expected to upgrade the lab, but it could be ready at any time. Abby planned to call the contractor to give him a managerial push, and Stitch mumbled that he felt for the guy. Stitch mentioned that Ashley thought the scent wasn't quite right, and he and Abby bickered about Abby's level of participation in the development of the new fragrance. She huffed that she wasn't thrilled to be hanging out with him and his chemicals, and he told her to keep her nose in the product and out of his problems.

Chelsea and Billy commiserated about the bad timing of running into people, and she asked if it had changed anything. He replied that it hadn't changed his desire to figure out what they had, and they reflected back upon how they'd evolved from having zero trust to jumping into a "friends with benefits" situation. Billy declared that they didn't have to pretend to be something they weren't, and there was no pressure to see where things might go. Victoria scowled as she watched them talking.

Billy prepared to check on Johnny, and Chelsea said that she'd meet him downstairs. After Billy left, Victoria confronted Chelsea about barely waiting for the ink to dry on the divorce papers. Chelsea replied that she didn't want to fight, but Victoria snarled that she called it like she saw it, and she saw a woman who moved fast. Chelsea lectured that Victoria couldn't have it both ways, and Victoria had made her single bed, so she'd have to sleep in it.

Victoria accused Chelsea of pretending for months to help save Billy and Victoria's marriage, but Chelsea had instead helped herself to Victoria's husband while he had still been married. Chelsea countered that Victoria had been sleeping with Stitch at the time, and Abby warned them to cool it, or they'd end up in the tabloids. Chelsea sauntered off, and Abby pledged that she would always be there for Victoria. Victoria huffed that it appeared that Abby was there to flirt with Stitch.

Abby insisted that nothing was going on between her and Stitch, and Victoria blamed her hormones for her paranoia. Abby surmised that Victoria had been freaked out by seeing Billy and Chelsea, and she assured Victoria that she had nothing to worry about. Victoria resolved to get over Billy, and Abby hoped that Victoria didn't go back to Stitch just because he was available. Victoria vowed that it would never happen.

At the club bar, Billy contemplated whether he should get Chelsea a traditional corsage for their first date or ask her mom for permission, but she put the kibosh on any lame ideas. He said that he couldn't guarantee there wouldn't be any, and she took his hand and said she was looking forward to it. He placed his other hand over hers and imagined where their rotten beginning could lead.

Across the room, Stitch informed Kelly that Jack had shown up to see Maureen, and Kelly wished that Jack hadn't, but she knew that Jack had meant well. Stitch was sure that Jack was just trying to look out for Kelly, but he hoped that Jack wouldn't stir things up.

. . .

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