Thursday, January 22, 2015

Over the phone, Sharon told Faith that she'd already been at the tack house to drop off Miss Patsy's pajamas, but Faith whined that she hadn't seen Sharon. Sharon explained that it was Nick and Faith's time together, but Faith insisted there was an emergency and mentioned her daddy. Sharon asked what was wrong with Nick, but Faith hung up. Meanwhile, Nick recounted a story about Gabriel jumping into a fountain and claiming he'd contracted "Bingo fever," and he joked that Sage could have caught it if Nick had let her go outside in wet clothes. Sage thanked him for his hospitality, and he offered her more hot chocolate. Faith ran downstairs and asked why Sage was wearing Nick's robe.

Sage informed Faith that she'd klutzily knocked a vase over, and Nick had lent her his robe while her pants were in the dryer. Faith protested that Sage shouldn't be there, since it was Faith's night with her daddy, and she ranted that the evening was ruined. Nick scolded Faith and ordered her to go to her room, and Sage said she should leave. Nick pointed out that if she did, Faith would learn that she could get what she wanted by throwing a tantrum. He added that it would be depressing to drink the hot chocolate by himself, and he insisted that Sage stay.

Sage changed back into her dry clothes, and Nick explained that Faith blamed him for moving out and breaking up their family. He continued that Faith didn't understand why he hadn't forgiven Sharon for making him believe that his oldest daughter was another man's child, since Faith didn't know, and he didn't want Faith to hate her mother. He admitted that Sharon was a great mother, and Sage called him a good dad. Nick confided that on nights like that, he felt like he was failing, and Sage encouraged him not to be that hard on himself. Sharon suddenly burst in and worriedly yelled for Faith, and Nick asked what was going on. A relieved Sharon thanked God and hugged him.

Nick pulled away from Sharon and asked what she was doing there, and she divulged that Faith had called about an emergency. Nick said Sharon could have saved herself a trip if she'd called him, and she replied that she'd tried, but he had clearly been busy with other things. Sharon admonished him for not taking her calls while her daughter was staying there, and Nick ordered her to stop checking in on him at home. Sharon maintained that Faith had sounded frantic when she'd called, but Nick assured her that everything was fine, so she could go home. Faith appeared on the stairs and said she wanted to go home, too.

Faith pleaded to go home with her mommy, and Nick questioned whether Faith needed to be punished for her bad behavior, including calling Sharon about an emergency. Faith claimed that her stomach hurt, and Sharon was the only one who could make it feel better. Sharon offered to take Faith home, and Nick wished Faith a good night. After Faith headed out to the car, Nick told Sharon to stop undermining him in front of his daughter, and Sharon eyed Sage and said he should be grateful that he could get back to his evening. Nick ordered Sharon to knock the next time, and Sharon left.

Nick apologized for the scene, and Sage felt responsible that Faith had felt displaced. Nick reiterated that his daughter had to learn she couldn't cry wolf, but Sage worried that the situation had been open to misinterpretation. She jokingly pledged to avoid all liquids from then on, and Nick asked if she intended to see him again.

Sharon tucked Faith in, and she observed that the girl seemed to be in better spirits. Faith admitted her tummy had never hurt, but she just hadn't wanted to stay with her daddy. Sharon gently lectured that it wasn't nice to make up stories or to pretend there was an emergency, but Faith complained that she hadn't wanted to share time with Nick. Sharon asked what Nick and Sage had been talking about, and Faith divulged that she'd heard her daddy tell the woman to take off her clothes.

At Crimson Lights, Summer told Fen she'd expected to see more of him during his winter break, and he asked if married life had been going well. She replied that it was great, but it would be even better if Mariah kept her lips off Summer's husband. Summer explained that Mariah had kissed Austin, but Mariah had just been using him like she'd used everyone else. Fen asked if Summer was sure the buss had been one-sided, and Summer huffed that Austin would never be interested in a "manipulative skank." Fen clucked that people sometimes got caught doing things they shouldn't have been doing, but Summer said he didn't know Austin. Fen countered that she didn't really know her husband, either.

Fen pointed out that Austin had held Avery hostage at gunpoint, and Summer said Avery and everyone else had forgiven Austin, but Fen contended that Austin needed to pay for his crime. Fen griped that he'd had to spend a month in prison for less than what Austin had done, and Summer ordered Fen just to say what he was thinking. Fen blurted out that he wished Summer would finally see Austin for the loser he was, and Summer sputtered that she hadn't expected Fen to say something that spiteful and mean. Fen swore that he didn't want to see her get hurt, but she said it was too late, and she stormed off.

At the Underground, Austin and Mariah awkwardly got ready for a shift, and she noted that he hadn't been on the schedule. He explained that the commercial shoot had been pushed back, so he'd picked up an extra shift, and he asked if it was a problem. Mariah replied that it wasn't for her, and Austin said he understood that she'd kissed him because she'd been acting out. She coolly remarked that he was astute, and he warned her that it couldn't happen again, since someone might get hurt. She surmised that he meant Summer, but Austin cautioned that Mariah might screw things up with Kevin, who appeared in the doorway and heard his name.

After Austin ducked into the back room, Kevin asked if Mariah had learned her lesson about running scared, and she groaned that he'd already given her a lecture the other night. She swore that she hadn't made a pass at anyone since then, and Kevin was glad to hear it. Mariah asked why he cared about what happened to her, and Kevin surmised that Mariah was trying to push him away, since she put up walls when people were nice to her. Kevin argued that they had terrible childhoods and bad impulse control in common, and he thought keeping her in check would help him not to implode.

Kevin said he had to keep things together for his brother, and he didn't want to let Michael down. Mariah was certain Kevin wouldn't, and Kevin announced that he was collecting money for a cancer run. He asked if she was willing to part with some of the prior night's tips, and she handed him the entire tip jar. Kevin said he'd known there had been a decent person inside her, and that was why he liked her. Kevin departed as Austin returned, and Austin advised Mariah not to ruin a good thing. Mariah protested that she and Kevin weren't together, but Austin remarked that it didn't mean they couldn't be one day.

Mariah said Kevin was hung up on his ex and not looking to get involved, but Austin commented that sometimes things just happened, like they had between him and Summer. Austin gushed that Summer was amazing, and Summer entered and warned Mariah that another kiss with Austin would never happen. Summer spat that Mariah had thrown herself at Austin just like she'd thrown herself at Tyler, and it was pathetic that Mariah always went after men who weren't available. Summer taunted Mariah for thinking she'd had a chance with either man, and she snarled that Mariah would never know what true love was like because no one could stand to be around her. Mariah ran off.

Summer groused that she hadn't needed to be nice to Mariah after Mariah had kissed Austin, but Austin countered that Summer hadn't needed to be cruel, since he'd told her the kiss had meant nothing. Summer questioned whether he was sure, and he wondered why she suddenly doubted him. Austin proclaimed that he didn't have a huge bank account or a fancy car, but he didn't kick people when they were down. He snapped that it was more than he could say for her, and he stormed into the office.

Kevin arrived at the coffeehouse and cheerfully reported to Fen that he'd raised $1,500 for the cancer run. Kevin asked if Fen could make it home from school for the race, and Fen distractedly said maybe. Kevin guessed that Fen was preoccupied because of Michael's cancer treatment, but Fen said he knew his dad would beat it, and he mentioned that he'd just been talking to Summer, who he believed had made a mistake by marrying Austin. Kevin hoped Fen hadn't told Summer that, but Fen revealed he had, and he thought Mariah and Austin deserved one another.

Kevin was certain that Mariah wasn't interested in Austin, and he explained that she'd done something outrageous when she'd been upset. Kevin added that he had a tendency to react the same way, and Mariah wasn't a bad person. Fen said Summer had been quick to make excuses for Austin, and he griped that she was blinded by love. Kevin spotted an upset Mariah and rushed over to hug her.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack apologized to Phyllis for leaving before they'd worked everything out, but she understood that he'd needed to tend to business, and it had given her time to think. She said she'd been staring at her beautiful ring, wondering how they'd gotten to that place, and he replied that he loved her and that he wanted to spend the rest of life with her. Phyllis countered that he didn't trust her, or he wouldn't have ambushed her with a visit from Dr. Cutler, but Jack reiterated that he'd wanted to make sure there were no lasting effects from her coma. Phyllis stated that the only one who was the crazy was the woman he'd fallen in love with while Phyllis had been gone.

After Phyllis left, Jack thanked Dr. Cutler for returning, and the doctor asked if Phyllis had changed her mind. Jack revealed that Phyllis had been unable to accept that there could be a coma-related cause for her strange behavior, and he wanted to discuss Dr. Cutler's other patients. The doctor refused to breach confidentiality, and Jack noted that Dr. Cutler seemed to be a stickler for adhering to the rules, but the doctor had been willing to break them while treating Phyllis.

Dr. Cutler defended that he hadn't known Phyllis' family hadn't consented to the treatment, since Victor had provided the proper documentation, and Jack haughtily surmised that Victor had also made a healthy donation to the clinic. Dr. Cutler insisted that his concern was for his patients, and Jack insinuated that his lawyers could make a case that Victor had paid off Dr. Cutler to keep quiet about the treatment. Jack imagined that would lead to the end of the doctor's drug trial, and he threatened that Dr. Cutler's life's work would end with a screeching halt if Jack didn't get the information he wanted.

Dr. Cutler reported that most of his patients had gone home and had resumed their lives, and Jack inquired about any changes in behavior. Dr. Cutler explained that changes could happen after traumatic brain injuries, and people sometimes needed to learn to do basic things again. He added that patients could experience slight shifts in personality, like a loss of empathy and questionable decision-making, and he said some patients felt like all their actions were justified. Jack mused to himself that Phyllis was capable of almost anything.

Kelly awakened in the hospital, and she asked Stitch why she was there. He told her that she'd collapsed at the Athletic Club, and she teased him for overreacting to a fainting spell, but she groaned when she tried to get up. Stitch reported that the doctors had found poison in her system and that they were still trying to determine what the substance had been. She said she hadn't been near anything poisonous and hadn't eaten anything out of the ordinary, but her expression suddenly clouded. Kelly declared that it hadn't been an accident -- it had been Phyllis.

Stitch asked if Kelly thought Phyllis had deliberately poisoned her, and he pointed out that it would be considered attempted murder. Kelly imagined that Phyllis had just been trying to make her sick, and she wouldn't have even considered it if Phyllis hadn't done other things to make Kelly look bad in Jack's eyes. Kelly said she'd tried to call a truce with Phyllis by arranging to have tea, but she'd needed to deal with some hotel business, so she'd left Phyllis alone at the table. Kelly theorized that Phyllis had put something in her drink.

Stitch questioned what Phyllis would have stood to gain, since she and Jack were getting married, but Kelly called Phyllis crazy. Stitch wanted to call the cops, but Kelly assured him that Phyllis had just been trying to scare her, and she didn't want to look like a scorned woman. Kelly pointed out that she hadn't seen Phyllis put the poison in the tea, and even though Phyllis had accused Kelly of trying to cause trouble, she didn't want Jack to think Kelly was the problem. Stitch took Kelly's hand and warned her that no man was worth her life. "What life?" Kelly wailed, adding, "Phyllis is living my life now."

Stitch said that just because Kelly didn't have a future with Jack didn't mean her life was over, and he rattled off a list of the things she had going for her. Kelly said she'd kept trying to do the right thing, but Phyllis had made it impossible, since Phyllis couldn't accept that Jack had fallen in love with someone else. Kelly babbled that she and Jack had been in love and that they could have had a lifetime together, and Stitch implored her to let it go, since Jack had made his choice. Kelly asserted that it had been the wrong one, and Stitch agreed, but he urged Kelly to move on with her life, especially if Phyllis was playing dangerous games.

Kelly said she was worried about Jack, and she couldn't let him marry "that awful woman." Stitch told Kelly not to put herself at risk, but Kelly refused to give up on Jack. Kelly imagined that Stitch would do everything possible if someone were trying to hurt Victoria, but Stitch advised Kelly to back off and let the police handle it. Kelly fretted that it would be another excuse for Phyllis to call her paranoid, but Stitch informed her that the problem was out of her hands, since the hospital was obligated to report poisonings. He started to call Victoria to cancel their date, but Kelly objected to him missing a date to watch her sleep, and she swore she'd rest better knowing he was having a wonderful time with the person he loved.

Later, the doctor informed Kelly that there were no lingering effects, but he was still waiting for the toxicology results. He mentioned that he needed to file a report about the poisoning, and Kelly insisted it had been a silly accident from handling a chemical at work and not properly washing her hands afterward. She asked how soon she could be released.

Phyllis arrived at the Athletic Club, and she asked if Victoria had seen Kelly. Victoria jokingly wondered if Phyllis was scrounging for a mention in the tabloids, but Phyllis revealed that she'd had tea with Kelly earlier. Victoria reported that the office door had been locked, since she'd gone there to try to find Stitch, who hadn't shown up. Phyllis assumed that meant Victoria had time to help her with something, but Victoria looked skeptical.

Victoria hesitated to get into the middle of a war between Phyllis and Kelly, and Phyllis swore that she didn't expect Victoria to pick a side, but she wanted insight into the other woman. Phyllis pointed out that Victoria had once been in Phyllis' position, but Victoria contended that Kelly and Billy had shared a one-night stand, which was much different than the committed relationship between Kelly and Jack. Phyllis inquired whether Kelly had wanted to keep things going with Billy, and Victoria recalled that Kelly and Billy had met up to talk sometimes, since they'd maintained contact through Delia's foundation. Victoria admitted that it had upset her to have Kelly hanging around, and Phyllis remarked that it was impossible to move on when someone refused to let go.

Victoria regretted wasting time and energy being angry, but she'd snapped out of it by focusing on her kids. Phyllis noted that her own children were grown, and Victoria recommended that Phyllis concentrate on work or the wedding. Phyllis said she would if Kelly stopped playing mind games, but she believed Kelly was determined to hang on to Jack. Victoria understood why Kelly wanted to cling to the one stable relationship in her life, since Kelly had been through a lot of upheaval. Phyllis barked that they'd all had it tough, but Kelly was the only one going around torturing people because of it.

After Phyllis departed, Stitch arrived and reported that Kelly would be all right as soon as she got Jack out of her life, since Phyllis had tried to poison her. A shocked Victoria asked if there was proof, and Stitch relayed that Kelly had said Phyllis had been trying to cause trouble for her. Victoria revealed that Phyllis had just told her the same thing about Kelly, but Stitch believed that Phyllis was determined to punish Kelly for getting involved with Jack. Victoria questioned how they could know who was telling the truth, and Stitch reasoned that Kelly was the one who'd ended up in the hospital after drinking poisoned tea.

Victoria argued that Phyllis hadn't been the only one with access, and Stitch incredulously asked if Victoria thought his sister had poisoned herself. Stitch argued that Kelly wasn't suicidal, or she would have killed herself after her son had died. Victoria wondered if losing both Sam and Jack had made it even harder on Kelly, but Stitch insisted that Phyllis had been behind the poisoning. Victoria said she'd known Phyllis could be vindictive, but she thought Phyllis had no reason to feel insecure, and she suspected something else was going on.

Phyllis returned home, and she informed Jack she'd had drinks with Victoria. Jack asked if they'd been at the club, and she suggested he call and check her story. He said he wanted to stop arguing, but Phyllis didn't know if that was possible until Kelly was out of their lives for good. Jack thought Phyllis should keep her distance from Kelly to avoid any misunderstandings, but Phyllis believed that Kelly wanted to drive her out of Jack's life. Jack said he'd made it clear to Kelly that would never happen, and Phyllis added that she had, too. Kelly sauntered in and proclaimed that Phyllis had poisoned her.

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