Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sharon decorated the cottage for Halloween, and Nick nuzzled her neck and asked her to marry him. She nonchalantly replied that she had some free time that afternoon, and he said that it worked for him. They kissed, and he declared that he was glad they'd decided to break tradition by staying together the night before their wedding. Faith cried out for her mommy, and she whined that she couldn't go trick-or-treating without her tiara, but it had gone missing.

Sharon announced that she'd prepared another costume for Faith, and Faith ran upstairs to change. Nick gave Sharon a suspicious look, and she explained that she thought a zombie princess costume was too ghoulish for a child. Sharon groaned that getting married on Halloween made the day more hectic, but Nick swore that nothing would stop them from tying the knot that time. Nick went upstairs, and Sharon picked up Cassie's photo from the mantel and mused that she had a feeling something horrible was about to happen. There was a knock at the door, and Sharon believed that she saw Cassie in a gauzy white dress.

Sharon murmured Cassie's name, and Mariah removed her headphones and saw Sharon's stricken expression. Mariah concluded that Sharon was tense, and Sharon blamed her reaction on the costume. Faith ran in, wearing a Little Red Riding Hood costume, and Sharon gushed that she looked cute. Mariah wondered what had happened to the zombie princess outfit, and Faith explained that she hadn't been able to find her tiara. As Sharon helped Faith with her hood, Nick thanked Mariah for taking Faith trick-or-treating. Mariah told him to concentrate on having his marriage stick, since it would be nice to have something to believe in.

After Mariah and Faith left, Nick knowingly asked where Sharon had hidden the tiara, and Sharon replied that she was sure it would turn up sometime. Sharon bemoaned that Faith was growing up too fast, and Nick agreed that he wanted Faith to remain their little girl for as long as possible. He wondered if they were making a mistake by not going with the girls, since even though it had been his idea to have the wedding ceremony that day, perhaps they'd made it about the wrong things. Nick said that their wedding should be about the reasons they should be together, like the fact that his heart did a somersault every time Sharon walked into a room. He continued that he felt joy whenever she laughed, and he loved the way her eyes had sparkled when she'd seen Faith in her costume.

Nick joked that he would blackmail Sharon about the tiara one day, and she laughed. He wondered what else a man could ask for, and Sharon replied that she had to marry him that day because she couldn't wait to spend the rest of her life with him. Nick carried Sharon to the bedroom, and he commented that it would be the last time they'd make love in sin. He said that she was beautiful, and she responded that he made her feel that way, since no man had ever believed in her or stood by her the way he had. Nick declared that no man would ever love anyone as much as he loved her, and they made love.

Sharon descended the stairs and opened the door, and she told a cardigan-clad Mariah that it wasn't funny to dress up like Cassie. The girl insisted that she really was Cassie, and she said that she'd warned Sharon that there was no way to stop the truth from getting out. Sharon panicked and said that it couldn't happen that day, and Nick yelled for Sharon, who woke up with a start.

Sharon went downstairs, and Nick said that they had to get the show on the road. She wished that she hadn't fallen asleep, but he reminded her that they didn't need a lot of preparations. He surmised that she had pre-wedding jitters, but he assured her that they were pros at saying their vows, and he couldn't wait to get to the kissing part. Nick promised that nothing would interrupt their wedding again, and there was a knock at the door. As Nick greeted some trick-or-treaters, Sharon worriedly stared at Cassie's photo.

At the penthouse, Chelsea dressed up in her Halloween costume, and she and Billy explained to Johnny how trick-or-treating worked. Billy said that he needed to tell Johnny about how the holiday had originated from troubled souls trying to find peace, and he apologized for getting serious. Chelsea assured him that he didn't have to be sorry for being reminded of someone he'd lost. Meanwhile, someone left a box outside the front door.

Billy said that he'd learned to be grateful for what he had, like Chelsea and their kids, and that had been why he'd told her how he felt, even though she wasn't over Adam. She insisted that she was, thanks to Billy's persistence, and the doorbell rang. She excitedly anticipated giving candy to early trick-or-treaters, but all she found was the box at the door. Billy announced that he'd been waiting for a delivery, since he'd seen a Halloween costume for Johnny that he hadn't been able to resist.

Billy pulled out a monkey outfit, and Chelsea teased him for giving her a hard time for making Connor a lamb. Billy maintained that Connor would be embarrassed by it, and Chelsea questioned whether going as a monkey was less embarrassing. Billy contended that it was the difference between being the king of the treetops or Easter dinner, and he thought that the monkey costume was cute.

At Crimson Lights, a mask-wearing Avery wished Dylan a happy Halloween, but he seemed to be preoccupied with going through the mail. He explained that the coffeehouse's lease was almost up, and he wondered how much the landlord would increase his rent on the renewal. Avery pointed out that Dylan had paid to put in new pipes, and Dylan said that he wanted to make more improvements. She was pleased that he was making plans, since it meant their troubles were behind them. She sensed that something else was bothering him, and he conceded that it was her ex.

Avery wondered why Dylan had a problem with Joe, since it had been years since the divorce, and Dylan referred to the tactless comment Joe had made about the bedside photo. Dylan added that he'd learned that Cane and Joe had worked on business deals before, and he suspected that Joe was there because he wanted something. Dylan explained that he'd envisioned Joe as a neglectful husband who had loved work more than his wife, and he'd thought Joe hadn't deserved Avery or loved her the way Dylan had, but he'd seen in Joe's eyes that Dylan had been the guy who had wrecked a marriage. Avery contended that there had been no marriage to wreck by the time Dylan had shown up in her life.

Avery testily told someone over the phone that they'd see one another in court, and she informed Dylan that Jeffrey's lawsuit against the hospital was moving forward with criminal charges. Dylan blasted Jeffrey for taking advantage of another man's problems, and Avery was glad to hear him jump to Stitch's defense. Dylan thought that he sounded like a hypocrite, since he'd assumed the worst about Stitch, and he felt he should have known that there had been more to the story.

Chelsea and Billy arrived with Johnny and Connor, and she threatened to use her shepherd's crook if Billy made more bad jokes. Billy questioned whether she'd keep it on their wall to keep him in line, and Dylan overheard and asked if they were living together. Billy queried whether that was a problem, and

Dylan said that it was just a surprise. Billy admitted that it had been a quick decision, but it had felt right, so he and Chelsea had seen no reason to wait.

Dylan went to get treats for the kids, and Chelsea followed him to the counter. He noted that both she and Connor looked happy, which was all he'd ever wanted for her, and she returned the sentiment. Dylan said that he was happier than he'd ever thought he could be, and Chelsea inquired when he and Avery would take the next step. Dylan replied that he wanted to be on solid ground first, and Chelsea pointed out that he had a thriving business. Dylan agreed that the coffeehouse was going in the right direction along with the rest of his life, and Chelsea asked what he was waiting for.

After Billy and Chelsea left, Dylan imagined that the couple's cohabitation had been a shock for Victoria, and Avery asked how Dylan felt about it. He said that it was complicated, but he was happy that he had the woman he wanted, and he was glad for Billy and Chelsea. Avery was thankful that Dylan and Chelsea had made peace, since they'd loved one another once, and she stated that feelings didn't disappear just because a marriage had ended badly.

Billy and Chelsea returned home with the kids, and she found an envelope that someone had slid under the door. Billy carried the boys upstairs, and Chelsea opened the envelope and pulled out the handkerchief she'd left at the church.

At the Athletic Club, Joe asked when Cane had become a bleeding heart, but Cane argued that Joe's project stood to destroy the livelihoods of people he knew. Cane understood that it was business for Joe, but it would be personal for Dylan and other small business owners who would be forced to relocate. Joe recalled that Cane hadn't blinked an eye at deals like that in the past, and Cane contended that he should have. Joe declared that there was only one motivating factor in business, and Colin overheard and responded that it was to make as much money as possible.

Colin asked how Cane and Joe knew one another, and Joe revealed that he and Cane had worked on deals in Chicago together. Colin called it the good old days when Cane had been in his element, and he bragged that he'd taught Cane everything he knew about business. Joe agreed that Cane was a great negotiator, but he said that Cane wasn't the reason he was there. Colin pressed for details about the project Joe was working on, and Jill and Lily entered with the twins, who were dressed in their Halloween costumes. Jill hissed to Colin that she could go as his executioner for Halloween.

Jill fawned over Joe, and he asked if she was connected to the Fenmore's stores. She explained that she and her sister owned the chain, and she excused herself to talk to her husband. Colin finished a call, and Jill chided him for insulting his son in front of a stranger. Colin declared that he was proud of Cane's accomplishments, and he only wanted to see Cane be the best he could be. Jill warned Colin not to lie to her because she knew he was up to something.

Joe talked to the twins about their costumes, and he asked if he could go trick-or-treating with them. Matty pointed out that Joe wasn't wearing a costume, but Joe proclaimed that he was a friendly hedge fund manager. Charlie remarked that it wasn't a good costume, and Cane took the kids to the kitchen. Joe told Lily that she had beautiful kids, and she asked if he had any of his own. He confided that his quest to be a good provider had led to his failure as a husband, but he would be a different person if he had the chance do it all over again. Lily hoped that someday, he'd meet a woman who would give him a chance to prove it.

Cane pulled Lily aside to talk to her about what Colin had been saying, but she told him not to worry about it, since she knew that Cane loved their family and that Colin was the one who was confused. Jill warned Cane that Colin was working Joe despite her warnings, and Cane went to rescue Joe. Lily asked if Jill had worked with Joe when she'd been at Chancellor, but Jill explained that real estate had been Cane's area. Jill remarked that deals at that level were a rush, and she hoped Joe hadn't been putting regrets into Cane's head. Lily replied that she believed Joe was jealous of what Cane had.

Colin asked about Joe's business deal, and Cane tried to discourage the shop talk, but Joe said that he didn't mind. Colin suggested that Joe use Cane in some capacity, since he believed Cane had to be passionate and not just content with his work. Joe revealed that he was working on a commercial real estate deal in the warehouse district, since there were businesses there, but the business owners didn't own the buildings or the land. Colin thought it sounded like quite an opportunity, and Cane muttered, "For some."

Over the phone, Colin told someone that he'd found a way to get the money to pay off his debt, but he warned that Jill and her business weren't part of it. He quickly hung up when Jill walked by, and she observed that it had been the second time she'd caught him on a secretive phone call. She noted that he'd seemed very interested in Joe, and she cautioned Colin not to pursue whatever he was up to.

At the bar, Joe spoke with someone on the phone and said that it was a textbook transaction and that everything was going according to plan. Meanwhile, Dylan lashed out at someone on the phone for giving him no warning, and he angrily hung up. He relayed to Avery that the landlord was selling the building, and he had two months to clear out.

Victoria and Maureen separately arrived at the Jabot lab, both looking for Stitch, and Victoria mentioned that there had been something he had wanted to talk to her about that would change their future. Victoria thought Maureen could help her by explaining the circumstances around Stitch's father's death, but Maureen implied that if Victoria really loved Stitch, she would forgive him no matter what he'd done. Victoria replied that she'd thought she'd been wrong about Stitch when she'd found out what he had been keeping from everyone, but she was beginning to realize that perhaps she hadn't been. Victoria revealed that Stitch had admitted that there was more to the story, and she implored Maureen to provide more details about the night Stitch's father had died.

Maureen nervously said that they shouldn't even be in the lab, and she hurried out. Victoria chased after her and pleaded that they were talking about Maureen's son's future, and she begged Maureen to tell her what had happened. Maureen thought there was no point in opening up old wounds, but Victoria asserted that she needed to know everything, especially if Stitch was the father of her child. Maureen said that Stitch had lost everything that had been important to him, and she'd believed that having a child with Victoria could have started a new life for all of them, but she didn't want him to get his hopes up if Victoria couldn't accept his past.

Victoria reiterated that she needed to know the truth to stop blaming herself for falling for a man who was capable of such a crime. Maureen explained that even as a boy, Stitch had always wanted to help others, and that was all Victoria needed to know. Maureen stalked off, and Victoria left a message for Nikki, saying that she needed to know what else Nikki had wanted to tell her about Stitch.

A shirtless Stitch opened his hotel room door to Ashley, who said that they had an hour to kill before their appointment. He jokingly asked if she was wearing the new fragrance, and she flirtatiously inquired whether he had the sudden urge to kiss her. Stitch stifled a yawn and complained that he hadn't slept well, and Ashley referred to the distance he'd wanted from Victoria to tend to a family matter. He said that it was complicated, and Ashley advised him to shut out the voices and listen to what his heart told him to do.

Stitch said that his heart was telling him to do everything he could to restore Victoria's faith in him, but he wasn't the only one whose life would be affected. Ashley divulged that Victoria had sought her out to talk about Stitch, but Victoria had wanted answers that Ashley hadn't been able to give. Ashley pointed out that Stitch had led Victoria to believe that there was a big truth she didn't know, and she questioned why he wouldn't redeem himself if he could. Stitch regretted dragging Ashley into it, but Ashley argued that she'd hired him when no one else had because she'd seen qualities in him, and so did Victoria.

Ashley urged Stitch to tell Victoria the truth if he had a chance to get her back, but he remarked that Ashley had no idea what he'd been through. Ashley reminded him that she knew what it was like to take the blame for a crime she hadn't committed, and she theorized that he'd taken the fall for someone else. Stitch realized that Ashley would have stuck by her guilty story forever in order to protect her dad, and she was grateful that things had worked out without her having to do so. Stitch thanked Ashley and said that she'd helped him make his decision.

. . .

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  • Mariah inadvertently informs Victor that Nick and Sharon are getting married that day.
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